Spira (2012) - Short Horror Movie

  • What happens if a psychiatric patients madness becomes contagious?
    'This is the very impressive directorial debut of Jon James Smith. It is a disturbing, unsettling, well shot horror film that was made on a zero budget.' - LiveForFilms.com
    'It's a good concept that is very well executed by Smith who has a great eye for framing and mood but Spira is particularly memorable for Hephzibah Roe's excellent performance as Laura and Smith's own sound design which is remarkably effective. This is an impressive debut.' - QuietEarth.us
    'a genuinely unsettling thriller that is incredibly impressive given that it was shot without a budget by a first time director.' - geekartgallery.blogspot.co.uk
    'a psychological horror thriller that captivates.' - CinemaCarnival.ca
    Nominated British Horror Award, British Horror Film Festival 2013
    Nominated Best Short Film, British Horror Film Festival 2013
    Nominated Best Actress, British Horror Film Festival 2013
    Official Selection, British Horror Film Festival 2013
    Official Selection, The Rocky Horror Picture Show Florida 2013
    Official Selection, Cornwall Horror Fest 2015
    Screened at The Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival 2014
    Screened at Empire Cinemas in Leicester Square London
    Screened at Cinema Carnival: Frightmares in Winnipeg, MB, Canada 2015
    In-Cahoots Film Screening, Brixton, London
    Featured on io9.com
    Featured on the Chilling Tales For Dark Nights website and YouTube channel
    Featured on the National Youth Film Academy Top5 TV series, and the Top5 greatest hits special episode
    Eric is a psychologist appointed to determine the mental state of a dangerous psychiatric resident. As their sessions develop, Eric falls into an unsettling world of mental and physical disarray.
    Director's Note
    This is my directorial debut. Shot on a zero budget in just two days in Dorset, south UK. The aim was to create something from nothing and a gripping and rounded story that takes you on a psychological journey of horror with the main character. By blurring the lines between reality, insanity, and the paranormal, the audience is put in the main characters shoes and taken on a disorientating and disturbing journey.
    Eric – Seth Thomas Marron
    Laura – Hephzibah Roe
    Wife – Sarah Suzanne Biggins
    Psychologist – Trisha Lewis
    Witch Demon – Scarlett Bloom
    Bowler Hat Demon – Peter G. Langdown
    Corpsed Faced Demon – Mat Duchesne
    Nurse – Hannah Gover
    Orderly – Dan Smith
    Writer & Director – Jon James Smith (www.jonjamessmith.com)
    Script Editor – Johnathon Major
    Sound Design – Jon James Smith
    Sound Mixer – Liam Pickett
    Cinematography & Editing - Jon James Smith
    Production Design – Louise Saunders
    Make Up Effects – Paisley Alice Randell Shillabeer
    Production Assistant – Rachel Louise Crowhurst

    Category : Horror

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